The Story of the Christmas Card

The first Christmas card was printed in England in the 1840s, during the Victorian Era. It was commissioned by Sir Henry Cole. The card was flat and printed on stiff cardboard measuring 5 1/8” x 3 ¼”.

A Prussian immigrant who ran a print shop near Boston is credited with creating the first Christmas card in the United States in 1875. Not long after that, the quality and artistry of the cards grew and people started collecting them.

In 1915, a printer named Joyce Hall from Kansas, owner of The Hall Brothers Company – later to become Hallmark – printed his first Christmas card. Hall had observed that people didn’t have enough room to write much on a postcard; so he adapted a new format for his cards – 4” wide by 6” high, folded once and inserted in an envelope.

Today, smaller, niche artisanal printers and publishers are leading much of the innovation in Christmas cards.

ROSSI of Italy is one such company. With Rossi, modern eco-friendly stewardship meets old world traditions, resulting in simply gorgeous cards and stationery. We are thrilled to be Rossi’s official Ohio distributor.

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We are here to help you find that special something you are looking for this Season.

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