Ralla Erdelyi

“Working with Maria Gossard and her team was an absolute pleasure. Their attention to detail and ability to transform ideas into reality is unparalleled. Maria and her team have brought luxurious sta-tionary and high-end boutique event planning to southwest Ohio. One of the ways that Maria’s team helped elevate our event was with their beautiful dance floor! It was literally the focal point of our event and a dream to dance on! The monogram was also a custom design by Maria and her team. They were wonderful to work with and followed thru on every task including speaking with the venues and various coordinators to make sure the arrival and assembly of the dance floor was per-fect. Better yet, maria and her team even pitched in to help our other vendors during the big day af-ter the floor was complete! But if you know Maria, that is no surprise because her goal is perfection and she absolutely delivers.

The dance floor was a picturesque piece to rent that made dancing all the better! And of course, knowing that it’s installation and tear down would be taken care of flawlessly by Maria and her team made it even more the easier to enjoy. I would absolutely recommend renting this dance floor and using Maria’s extensively knowledge to create your own unique piece of art to enhance your event.”