Seating Charts & Signs

Your invitations have been sent out to all your guests. The anticipation, excitement, and stage have been set for a wonderful celebration. Whether we or another team helped design your invitation suite, allow us to help with designing and printing your welcome sign and seating chart. Our work at Think Printing and Maria Gossard Design is mostly custom which means there’s room for something beautiful to be created for every budget. Our team of designers and printers will walk you through the proper etiquette and process to ensure that you end up with a stunning and well-planned chart. Size is determined by the number of information or names along with any design embellishments such as a monogram, florals, or geometric designs to be included. Our signs are printed directly on 3/16” museum board. Free shipping and handling anywhere in the US.  You may also choose from our collection of many customizable layouts many of which are featured in this section of our wedding portfolio. We guarantee that each piece will perfectly complement the style of your invitations and celebration.

Offering Mirror, Acrylic, Wooden, Glass, Canvas, Museum Board Seating Charts, and Welcome Signs.

Tip #1

From our creative director: Sit your younger friends and family near the dance floor and the older further away. Your guests will thank you.