Congratulations on your engagement…exciting news you can’t wait to shout from the metaphorical ‘rooftop’ and share with family and friends, if not the world! And, we have just the right engage-ment announcement to reflect your love story and style.

Choose from hundreds of customized and personalized options. Included with our service is consul-tation with our designers on the proper etiquette involved in making this wonderful announcement, while helping you select from our beautiful paper options and print methods.

So, no matter your choice—a photo postcard or magnet printed digitally; a playful letterpress card; a printed single-sided card with foil-stamped details paired with matching lined envelope and sealed with wax and seal; or a more elaborate fold-over with vellum cover tied with silk ribbons—we have exactly what you want.

No matter your budget, a unique and beautiful Engagement Announcement (and perhaps an Invita-tion to a Celebration Party) is waiting for you.

Tip #1

The announcement is traditionally made by the bride-to-be’s parent(s).

Tip #2

Remember to place your announcement in your hometown (and other) newspapers. Our writer-in-residence can compose or edit your announcement, gather placement pricing quotes for you, and provide placement services—whatever you need.