How It All Began

Two life changing events took place in my life in May of 2014. My son Thomas married the love of his life, Xiaohe and I embarked on an “adventure” called Bridges 2 Success, a mentoring program through WiBN. Little did I know at the time how these 2 events would change my life

With the popularity of the internet and online companies like Vista Print offering 500 business cards for $10, keeping our doors open as printers was becoming challenging to say the least. Several of our clients had either moved or gone out of business. Our future as a printing business did not look promising.

My experience over the last 30 years with design, traveling, cooking, gardening, throwing parties and printing had created a strong yearning in my heart for more challenging and fun projects that called for more creativity. I kept asking myself “which path do I take, what direction do I go?” I prayed for wisdom. 

In the meantime, the mentoring program proved to be all it promised. Success in the business world is reflected by personal growth. The leadership team and all the mentors were experienced professional leaders with a true desire to support and educate, share their knowledge and experience and encourage each one of us to grow, achieve and become effective leaders in our respective careers. There was so much positive energy in the room each time we met. I would leave the meetings so excited, it was contagious. My head would spin with ideas, possibilities, and a new found hope. Life is full of opportunities.

Meanwhile, I had a wedding to plan. I tackled the event with great enthusiasm and confidence.  Soft white hand made paper was chosen for the wedding stationary. The design was classic with just the right amount of modern. It was an intimate wedding. Our young couple said “I do” amongst family and friends in the early English Gothic Sanctuary at Grace United Methodist Church. Afterwards, the celebration moved to our home where a lovely dinner party followed.  White umbrellas framed the pool. The tables were draped in gorgeous red damask linens and decorated with a variety of fragrant garden roses, peonies, lilies and blooming vines. We feasted on lobster tails, Beef Wellington and all the trimmings. The cake was the Piece de Resistance, custom made by Tiers of Joy. Everything was beautiful. Towards the end of the evening, my son took me in his arms and said ” mom, we loved our wedding, thank you so much”. I knew in my heart at that moment what my next business step would be. 

A few months later, I moved Think Printing to Cross Pointe Center in Centerville and launched our new division called Think Paper and Maria Gossard Designs. We continue to specialize in custom printing, however, we now also create innovative, luxury stationary products and designs with a focus on wedding invitations. I love what I do and continue to look for opportunities to grow and make a difference in our community.  So if you’re wondering which path to take….. Seek out the wealth of knowledge and resources that is available through WiBN and follow your heart.

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